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Which Forex Investment to Choose?   by Mike Wong

in Investment / Currency Trading    (submitted 2010-02-04)

Forex investment is so common and is so easy to do nowadays. Everyone can trade foreign currencies. But many people just focus on the return side and forget that the golden rule of "high risk high return". Yes, there can be high risk that you may not be able to withstand behind such high return. Why not understand more about the associated risks before actually investing?

Forex trading though is what many people are doing, it does not associate with the term low risk. In fact the high return that draws many people to such investment indicates that it is a high risk investment. Based on the buying and selling of foreign currencies, you can be able to gain through the difference in exchange rate. But, how can one know exactly how the currencies fluctuate. Therefore, it is an investment only suitable for those who can withstand such high risk.

Instead of trading forex, you can also try investing in forex related investment products. Investing in such products is with lower risk than forex trading. Such products are linked to different international index, exchange rate and interest rate. On average, investors can get a 5% or more return on their investments. Though with lower risk, you are likely to lose money when the global market does not perform well.

If you still think the forex related investments can be too risky for you, you may try some fixed earnings forex investments. Same as its name, the return is more or less fixed. You lose the risk on one hand and the opportunity on the other hand. But, you should notice that, such investments usually require you to invest your money for a fixed period of times from 3 months to a year. You will not be able to use this amount of money during the period. That is, you cash can be tied up.

Finally, the lowest risk one is the forex saving. With my knowledge and common sense, this is the type of forex investment that is more popular to the elderly. It can be described as with minimal risk for forex investment. Though with the low return, it does not imply that you can deposit the money into bank and that's all. You are also advised to get the market information to determine the rotation of currencies for every 3 to 6 months.

The biggest advantage of forex saving lies with its high liquidity. You can take your money back and stop investing whenever you like. One tip for forex investment is to always focus on the long term instead of the short run. Also, you should try to spread your risks by investing in several currencies at the same time.

If you only have a small sum of money to invest and are looking for stable earnings instead of the huge opportunity, you can try using the forex trading systems. The forex trading systems operate automatically by following their own rules to help you earn money. You can start your investment by only $1,000.