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Where to Invest After Retirement   by Johns

in Investment / Retirement Planning    (submitted 2011-01-31)

You have done your part well. Now it is the time to feel relaxed after toiling for many years to earn a living. The next important step is to decide about the retirement investments. The retirement investments must be made in such a way that the returns obtained from the retirement investment must be high. The factors to be considered while investing the money are finding risks involved that is to ascertain that whether the investment is a fixed one or variable one, the amount of return, time period of investment. The options available to make retirement investments are

Real Estate

The five things which must be pondered before venturing into this kind of retirement investments are location, Market value, Structure, what entity is selling it, Financial standing. This sector is one of the booming sectors and one can expect to get big returns but at the same time one should realize that investment in this sector is not fixed and it is affected by political instability and economic downturn.


If one does not like to take risks then one can make investments in bank products or guaranteed funds etc. Even though the returns are less in this investments it is not affected by external factors like political instability and economic downturn etc. In India one can invest in government securities like public provident fund which gives good return of retirement investment for high tax-payers as it provides tax rebate of 20%. The main problem associated with this investment is absence of liquidity. One can take the money invested in first year only in seventh year.

Life Insurance

Older people still want to make their investments in Life insurance. It ensures financial protection on accident or death. The benefit of this retirement is it covers the financial interests of the family on the death of the policyholder.

In order to truly maximize the returns one must invest some percentage of money in all of these investments as each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.