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The Sticker Shock Training VS Purchasing New Software

The cost of training for new EMR software can be upwards of $2000 per employee. More than double to cost of training for Billing software.

Consider the manager who says, "If I train my people they will just go away". One response would be, "Yes, but if you don't train them, they will stay. And then what?"

Training in software and office procedures will improve your clinic's proficiency enough that the purchase of new software is probably not necessary. That coupled with the cost of training staff on the new software, the cost of adapting office procedures to work within the parameters of the new software, or the cost of not doing so, and the cost of the new software will be considerably less than the cost of training on your current software.

Years ago a colleague who worked for IBM told me he was required to attend two weeks of off-site training annually. The company also encouraged employees to change jobs within IBM to gain breadth of experience as well as depth (as measured in years). Among other things, this training and job rotation changed "one year of experience five times" to "five years of experience". Employers must ask themselves which employee they would rather have and then take steps to get and keep that employee.

The value of training far exceeds the improvement in an employee's ability to do assigned tasks. For one thing covering for an absent staff member becomes less disruptive as is the recovery when he or she returns to work.

Hiring and training new people is less traumatic and consumes less of everyone's time.

As a direct result of training, office procedures are improved and new ones implemented. In each case using the software is more efficient and accurate.

The cost of purchasing new software is eliminated.

The sticker shock of training may drive us to look at new software, and well it should. However, the final decision to buy training on the old software or to buy new software AND training, needs to be made after comparing apples to apples.