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Small Business Software

Small business software is a booming industry. Nowadays, every type of business needs to manage its movements and record every action using computer software. Business software is designed to help with the administration and maintenance of a business. Of course, small businesses are no exception to the rule.

Small businesses and corporations can use general purpose software, a custom implementation that meets their specific needs, or a hybrid that combines both elements. The choice of which approach to use depends on the type of business as well as the size of the economic budget that is going to be spent on organization via computer software.

One of the simplest ways for a business to start operating using computer software would be to use the free Open Office suite of applications, which is similar to MS Office. The difference is that Open Office is free while MS Office (Microsoft Office) costs a considerable amount of money for a small business.

Except for the two alternatives just described, a business can choose to hire a developer to "craft" software that meets the corporation's very specific needs. This approach is the most costly one since the development cost of the application is going to be covered only by the corporation who ordered it.