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Satmetrix unveils new software to fix UKs switching epidemic - Technology

Satmetrix unveils new software to fix UK's switching epidemic   by RealWire

in Technology    (submitted 2011-09-23)

- The Net Promoter® software company launches Xperience 2.0 product suite to deliver customer experience management programmes that cut churn and improve revenue and profitability

- Delivers initial customer experience management programme implementations in as little as four weeks

London â€" 23 September 2011 - Satmetrix, the Net Promoter software company, has announced the launch of an innovative new product suite that can be used by companies of all sizes to address the issues uncovered in the latest Satmetrix research on customer churn. The software enables businesses to get customer experience management programmes up and running in as little as four weeks. These programmes allow organizations to:

- Identify how to deliver a customer experience that reduces churn;

- Enable employees to adapt their behavior based on customer feedback; and

- Increase positive Word of Mouth (WOM) and recommendations

Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), the Xperience 2.0 product suite incorporates over a decade of expertise in best practice customer experience programme implementations and is optimised for the Net Promoter® methodology co-developed by Satmetrix. It enables customers of all sizes to implement a Net Promoter CEM programme in as little as four weeks.

Robert Salvoni, Managing Director of Satmetrix International, said: “Our research shows that companies are not always listening to customers and acting on customer feedback. This means they are missing a critical opportunity to give their customers reasons to stay loyal and to recommend their products and services. The research has also uncovered a 94 point loyalty gulf between the NPS of customers who switch and make negative referrals, versus those who stay loyal and refer their friends. This huge divide can be measured in revenue, profit and company or brand reputation. The high speed and low cost of implementing Xperience 2.0 means that it would be negligent not to invest in a customer experience management programme.”

Key product benefits:

Reducing customer churn

The Xperience 2.0 suite enables front-line staff to “close the loop” with detractors by responding to real-time email alerts. When an alert arrives, staff can drill down into the alert to understand the issue and take action immediately. Outcomes are captured and managers can analyse the data to understand where the process is “broken” and make necessary changes. Customer churn is reduced by identifying themes and prioritising remedial action across functions/silos. Additionally this information enables the transfer and acceptance of best practices through the continual coaching of staff.

Delighting customers: Increasing the lifetime value of customers

Through real-time data capture, at-risk customers or segments can be identified and prioritised for action. Equally, low scoring segments can be identified and themes detected that can drive a range of improvements and process enhancements across functions. Managers gain an enterprise view of all customer touch points allowing them to take a holistic view of what strategic and tactical decisions need to be made in order to continually deliver the best customer experience.

Creating and activating brand advocates and generating positive Word of Mouth

Xperience 2.0 enables organisations to easily identify “promoters” (i.e. customers with high brand loyalty who rate 9 or 10 on their likelihood to recommend). Promoters provide positive WOM and can drive additional revenue, if activated in the right way. Xperience enables promoters to be activated through social media, encouraging them to share their comments on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and facilitating the process for sharing their opinions in a simple straight-forward way.

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