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Retraining Your Staff on New Software

There comes a time in every growing company when you must branch out and grow or start to decline. Perhaps your sales are increasing to the point where your current offices aren't adequate any longer, or your software can't keep up and function to the point that you need it to. In cases like these, you must upgrade your systems or fail to expand. Once your computer systems are upgraded, you will need to train your staff. Depending on the amount of staff you have, this can be an undertaking of massive proportions.

Your first step in software training is to gather everyone in one space. You may need to rent a conference room for your staff so that you can train everyone at once. If you have room in your offices, be sure that you have provided adequate space for small desks to hold computers and space for everyone in your office to train at once.

Hire an instructor to come in and teach the new system. Generally this is a person who developed or worked on the new software. Experts in the field will know the little tips and tricks that you may not know. Once you have your instructor, decide how you are going to facilitate the training. Computer rentals are a popular choice for software education. Most workstations come furnished with desktop computers and aren't portable. Renting a room full of computers for your staff is the best option for keeping everyone on the same page. Your instructor can teach via a projector for maximum impact.

Another option for software training is via the Internet. If the software you have purchased for your business was a mass-market product, training will generally be provided on the developer's web site. Set up a projector screen in your offices and reserve rental computers. With everyone given access to the Internet, they can follow along on their computers while the program runs on the projector.