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Penny auction software   by Aiden Luies

in Computers / Software    (submitted 2012-03-13)

Penny auctions is a fairly new concept and have gained tremendous popularity and grounds in the recent years over the internet and so along with it Penny auction software which is also popularly known as Swoopo Clone or Telebid which allows you to create your own fully-functional advanced auction website. Anyone who is interested in placing the bid on your auction website can do so either via SMS or internet. Penny auction software is designed on scalable architecture allowing participation of up to 250,000 users in 1 single auction. It gives a platform to manage the entire online auction operation which includes creation of a new auction within seconds, managing auctions, managing customers, running transaction reports, offering the "To Buy" option to your bidders, generating discount coupons, configuring hot lists, probabilities generating from it are endless and so is your own business venture.

Penny auction software has opened eventually a lot of probabilities for new generation entrepreneurs to tread along path and generate profits and new creative grounds for themselves and the users. People opting for it have realized slowly and steadily that its an optimum method to earn money. Buying this software from an authenticated source is of utmost importance because while running your business upon this platform you would be entering confidential data into the pennyauction website and you need to be extremely careful about your information, hence if the source is unauthenticated a lot of your money, data and effort can be at stake, eventually landing in wrong hands.

Penny auction software from an unauthenticated source can also land you in a situation where your entire website can land in a situation with dodgy and perilous viruses and bugs. Special and advanced proficiency and expertise are required for the team working on this software. Not every software provider is capable of completely comprehending the complications and complexities of pennyauctions as it demands a lot of experience and technical knowhow of working around it. Specialized installation and sophistication go hand in hand with Penny auction software; hence you need to be assured that its setting up process and regular support is free flowing from its provider. Its installation, testing and tuning is given by the actual provider before your pennyauction website goes live.

Else you can face a lot of problems mushrooming at the wrong time and inviting financial losses for your site and to the owner due to lack of skills and knowledge. Always check its script before buying to make sure that all the vital checklists is met as far as your requirement are concerned for e.g. IP addresses check or bid butlers list. Penny auction scripts are no ordinary scripts which could be developed by any other developer, its developer possesses sufficient expertise and proficiency to make your website run without any speed breakers. Penny auction software is written in PHP5.0 Object-Oriented Language with the use of MySQL 4.1 / 5.0 database utilizing the latest advancements of database servers and programming languages.