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New Software to Personalize Greeting Cards - Computers

New Software to Personalize Greeting Cards   by Lecta Corporation

in Computers    (submitted 2009-08-21)

Lecta Corporation is pleased to announce the launching of its new product, Fantasy CardMaker.

Fantasy CardMaker is a user-friendly, yet powerful, software specially designed to create amazing personalized greeting cards, invitations and wallpapers. With Fantasy CardMaker, users can produce unlimited personalized greeting cards and invitations; it can be used for Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's, or for any other occasion.

Use Fantasy CardMaker to insert anything into any picture. Any picture could be used as a template. Use your own photos. Incorporate your family and friends. Search images from the Internet. All standard image formats are supported.

Since users have their own preferences, tastes and needs, Fantasy CardMaker incorporates a Search function that allows looking for images on the Internet, the world's most accessible archive. Just type what you are looking for, and you will obtain thousands of images that you could use.

Fantasy CardMaker comes equipped with robust editing tools to resize, rotate or flip the images, and to adjust the color, tone and light.

No experience or computer skills are necessary. Users can easily produce and send cards and invitations with their own personal touch. Kids and adults can create professional-looking cards in seconds.

Fantasy CardMaker comes with a very clear manual (in English, Spanish, French and German) and technical support is available, just in case. Its interface it's also multilingual.

Users can print, save or email they cards right away. Upload them to any website or to any page in Facebook, MySpace or any site. The imagination is the only limit.

Fantasy CardMaker can be safely downloaded for a 3-day risk-free trial period. Then, an unlimited-use license can be purchased for $30. The program can also be ordered in a CD.

Fantasy CardMaker is produced by Lecta Corporation, a company dedicated to producing powerful, easy to use, image editing software.