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Is Your Business Investment Portfolio Bankrupt?   by Suzanne Evans

in Business / Entrepreneurship    (submitted 2009-02-25)

I am no expert in the stock market and I certainly do not claim to be, but this I know. To make OR lose money in the market, you have to invest in the market. It goes back to the saying, "You got to be in it to win it." So take a moment and think about this. Seriously--grab pen and paper.

How much do you spend on your car every year? (payment, insurance, tune-ups, gas, etc.)

Ok, got that number?

Take a long look at it. If you are spending a similar amount or LESS on your business, take a pause. How do we expect to have thriving businesses and help more people if we spend more on our cars than on our passions? It's scary! I remember the first time I did this and it was a real eye opener. I quickly realized that if I do not treat my business coaching, programs, workshops and seminars as investments in me, my future and those I want to serve, then my business would never grow.The first year I took this idea and applied it, making investments in myself via coaching, programs and building a team, my income doubled. Here's the best part--the number of people I was serving more than quadrupled. When we invest in ourselves, we build a portfolio for success.

Many people ask me (actually, a client just this morning) about how to determine the BEST investment for business. It is not a cut and dry answer since there are so many variables in business, but there are some sure things:

* An authentic marketing program where you get one-on-one attention.

* Opportunities where you will be with other business owners that you could partner with.

* Programs or coaching that PULL you - in other words, you can just feel the possibility.

* Programs where you are mentored by people who are where you want to be.

* Workshops/Events that just raise your JOY level and are fun.

* Programs that provide a full and fair guarantee.

What and how you invest will be different for each person, but investing is the key. A car cannot run without gas, a stock cannot rise without being purchased and a business cannot run without investment fuel. You must be ready and willing, financially, to invest money in and on your business.

Sometimes this means being certain you have a cash flow from other means until your business is soaring. You may want to build WHILE in a job (this is what I did) or have a part-time job, creating a savings to use for up to a year, or any other plan. But, have a financial plan to invest in your business portfolio.

With our economy and stock market all over the place these days, the only SURE investment is the one you make in YOU. You always know what your return will be. You can always go back to what you learned or the experiences. It will grow immediately. Investing in yourself is a certain way of growing financially and personally.

Last year alone, I have invested over $30,000 in myself and my business.Let me be clear. I don't mean business expenses. I mean investments: coaching, events, programs, education and resources. That investment has come back tenfold. Your key to success is believing that you are worth it and investing in your greatest asset - YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

(c) 2009 Suzanne Evans