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Investors Need to Know Where To Invest And What To Invest?   by Sushant

in Investment / Retirement Planning    (submitted 2012-08-17)

Investors Need to Know Where To Invest And What To Invest?

Investors need to know where to invest and what to invest in. Annuities and CD’s are a great place for safe investments. Investors also need to know what retirement is, how to retire and when to retire. A financial advisor can help investors make the right investment decisions.

Retirement Planning is crucial today as people are living much longer and Social Security does not provide enough income for most. When you withdraw money from your portfolio you have an 89% chance of running out of money if you reach age 90. Careful consideration must be employed with your withdrawal strategy. New products have been designed to insure that you will never run out of money and we like to incorporate them when necessary to guarantee lifetime income at the highest rates.

Where to invest and what to invest in:

Mutual funds and variable annuities are great way to have professional money managers invest your assets. There are over 15,000 mutual funds to choose from and each has a different investment style. Variable annuities have mutual funds and have unique investment characteristics that provide additional safety.

Variable Annuity contracts provide investors a guarantee that the mutual funds within the plan will pay a lifetime of income with insurance protection in case the mutual funds lose money. Variable Annuities can offer a guarantee to the investor’s beneficiaries that principal plus growth will be available. A variable annuity can be a wonderful investment for investors needing retirement planning.

Equity Index Annuities can be a great CD Alternative and guarantee investors that they cannot lose money. Equity Indexed Annuities offer the highest guaranteed rate on the market today for guarantee future retirement income cash flow.

An annuity is simply an investment contract with an insurance company that has special tax benefits. An annuity can be an important investment in your portfolio but it is important to find the right annuity for your given financial goal. Annuities can only be purchased through a financial advisor and have a built in sales commission that the investor does not pay. There are many types of annuity contracts and it is important to work with a highly trained advisor.

A Certified Financial Planner™ or CFP® for short, is a highly trained financial advisor that can help people with retirement planning, investments, insurance and estate planning. A CFP® has a strict ethical code that must be followed or they could lose their designation. A CFP® will help you with what to invest in and help you minimize your financial mistakes.