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If Life Is a Virtual Reality Video Game - May I Suggest Some New Software Upgrades

Most people realize that we need some adjustments in the world. We need to fix lots of things in our own civilization that is broken. You know education, health care, political system, etc, but we are not alone of course, as in third world nations there is starvation, HIV-AIDS and people killing each other with machetes and machine guns.

Recently our Online Think Tank had a philosophical discussion not so long ago and decided that if our life experience was nothing more than a "Matrix" or Virtual Reality Video game type situation, then indeed we could sure go for a Major Software upgrade right about now. You see we know that everything is inter-related to everything else and we seem to have messed things up a bit from meddling too much where we either could have done a better job or should have never started in the first place.

The problem with human societies is all the linear decision making that we are doing these days. We make a law here or a rule there and end up causing a worse problem somewhere else - the law of unintended consequences rears its ugly head and sure enough it attracts Murphy to come have a look see and figure out where he can mess things up worse.