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How To Increase The Popularity Of Your New Software

These are all extra methods to get traffic to your new software. They might not be so commonly used but have a lot of benefits. They can boost the popularity of your software in no time. Some can even drive a ton of sales almost overnight. These work with any type of software product.

Pad file submission

One of the fastest method to get traffic to your new software is by submitting it to the hundreds of software directories. You need to create the so called PAD file. You can find free tools online that will help you make this pad file.

They allow pad file submissions so if you update your software information you simple update your pad file instead of re submitting your software again.

The pad file, which ends in .xml instead of .com or .html is what you submit to these so called software directories. There are semi automated tools that will help you in the submission process.

If you software is not shareware or freeware, you won't be able to submit cause they only allow shareware or freeware types. Though you can create a demo and submit the demo. The benefits include the extra traffic from all these directories and also the backlinks you get. Most often they let you list your home page along with download link of your software.

Some hot directories like download.com, tucows.com might not be free but every other directory allows submission for free.

Joint Ventures JV

There are many newsletters online and some have plenty of subscribers that read every issue. Your objective is to create a special offer and email the newsletter owners related to your niche. Ask them for a joint venture.

If the newsletter owner accepts he will send an email advertising your software product to his list. In return he earns a percentage of each sale. Both parties benefits. Making JV's is a very hot tool to get sales fast. Nowadays you can find forums that where members co operate with each other to make JV's.

If you take JV's serious and plan to find as many JV partners as possible you might want to obtain some JV tools like JV manager to help you manage everything. Such tools already exist.

You can find plenty of newsletters on any niche using google.com search engine.

Create affiliate program

First of all there is the benefit of gaining popularity quickly on the Internet. Your affiliates might also create sites and place links to your own increasing the backlinks for your site. Since backlinks increase even your search engine rankings. Clickbank allows creating and maintaining your affiliate program a breeze.

Marketers that are looking for a free affiliate program might search Clickbank and join yours if you do register with clickbank. That is a great benefit.

The more popular your software product becomes more exposure and one way links you start receiving. One way to do that is to create an affiliate product and give a good percentage of the sale to your affiliates. At least over 50%.


This may sound too easy but if done right you can generate sales from your blog as well. Reviewing your product and recommending it is one of the best methods to sell your product.

Since you are the owner, you may want to hire someone from scriptlance.com and he creates and maintains the blog. The objective is to let users know how much you love the software. Why you found it useful? Talk about it as if talking to a friend, then recommend it in the end.

When doing so, you should also add other posts relating to the type of software you are selling. That way the blog has also other useful information. If the software is related to golf, you may need to create some posts first that talk about golf instructions or golf lessons. Then post the review. There is no need to create 20 - 30 posts though!

That method was proven to work. People love to purchase the product if someone else suggested or recommended.

Creating ebooks

You are the owner of the software so you know the most about it. So you can also create an ebook and talk about its features. The idea is to give away the ebook that contains a link to your site. Give it free from your site, or write articles and place a link where people can download it free. Forum signatures also generate some traffic.

Give resell rights to the ebook so people can give it to their friends. One other method that works is selling your ebook on ebay.com. Many people visit eBay every day so you get a lot of exposure to your ebook which later guides people to your site.