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Does Microsoft Bring Innovation or Just Hype in New Software Offerings

Some of Microsoft's detractors believe that it's new operating systems like Vista and its new Office Suites are not very innovative and do not really bring innovation to market they way that a networked software open source market might. Yet this is a short-sided argument and indeed it is some what irrelevant to the question of free-enterprise and regulatory bodies.

Why you ask? Well, because it is free choice. As an entrepreneur, I offer those things I wish to sell, promote or discuss. The "Buy In" is in the eyes of the individual and their choices. It is an intrinsic desire all to the consumer. If you do not like what Microsoft is selling then do not buy it. Free Markets are where sellers and buyers come together under free contract without interference.

Folks have chosen to buy from Microsoft, they have that right, so do you and if you do not like it, do not buy it and prove yourself right! Everyone wins. If lots of people think your way, then you have discovered a new market so get busy and fulfill those needs if you can make a profit doing it. That is also your choice too. Isn't that what free-markets are all about?

That is a market choice and business decision. Governments need to stay out of the way. What a persnickety group of mal-contents in these regulatory bodies in my opinion. My gosh, they think they know everything, including what is best for the companies, consumers and market? Why not simply let the people vote with their dollars.