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Deutsche Bank Invest $10M Into VTC Online Aim to Game Online   by Vgame

in Entertainment / Gambling    (submitted 2012-08-13)

VTC Online has completed the procedures in Duxton deal with after half a year of negotiations. Deputy Director of VTC Duxton said "the" best job at game network online and

According to the announcement from JSC Communications VTC Onlince: in 7/2012, this company has received $ 10 million investment from the Fund DWS Vietnam Fund. According to the company is dealing with large-scale investment in the IT industry in Vietnam at a price per share is higher than all the companies listed this year.

Under the contract, The Company will use the amount of investment from DWS Vietnam 5 groups continue to develop products and services of their strategy, including:

- Development of Vietnam Network (;

- Production of games on all platforms;

- Issuance of domestic and international games;

- The development of communication products and services, television and

- Development of online and offline education.

DWS Vietnam Fund investing through a fund management company Duxton Asset Management Pte Ltd (Duxton). DWS Vietnam Fund is an investment fund in Singapore under the Deutsche Bank (Germany).

This is the 2nd funds invested in this company, after IDG Ventures Vietnam (IDG). With the participation of DWS Vietnam Fund, the percentage of shares held by the VTC Online institutional investors has increased over 60 %, of which, three major shareholders Media Corporation VTC Multimedia, DWS Vietnam Fund and IDG Ventures Vietnam.

According to Phan Sao Nam, Chairman of the Game company, Duxton Fund rated online strategy that VTC is doing, which appreciated in developing Social Media includes TDE, goPlay, goClip, goMusic, goNews, tai ola kul... Communication including myGo, goTalk, goForum, hinh nen dien thoai... There is also an array of education is considered to be the difference.

With the investment of the fund Duxton, They will make the investment more in-depth, long-term investment than to ensure sustainable development. Company has more focus on two core business areas are Vietnam-Network and online gaming - TDE.

Mr Nam said,They will establish investment funds Fund Chairman. The Fund will invest in the group with the concept is feasible with a total budget of about $ 3 million cash + 2 million cash tangible assets and intangible.

Manager Board has set a goal, by 2015, the Company shall be eligible for listing on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange (United States), or HKEC (Hong Kong), or SGX (Singapore), or the KOSDAQ (Korea ) and corals (Vietnam).

Duxton Fund may invest in companies on information technology (IT). The deal is invested in Game Field first Duxton business investment in IT. Duxton is a financial investment fund which invests in industries related to food or consumer.