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Charity Auction Software - Non-Profit

Charity Auction Software   by Tom Kelly

in Non-Profit    (submitted 2009-11-23)

Fundraiser dinners and auctions have always been favorites for charity. These are bulk money raisers. Most of the organizations, who host such activities, are generally big or famous in the society, thus attracting donors to these events is no big challenge to them. But when a new organization or the one yet to achieve the fame, has to build the paper, this is way challenging for them. In this case, they can host an online charity auction. This process of fund raising has been made easy and fruitful by the charity auction software. This is the software that will manage everything for this event. This software will manage all the aspects of the auction for you. This software that helps things done in an orderly way will take off the pressure from this so called tedious job from your mind.

Hosting an online auction has many aspects. Having the goods to auction, advertising, attracting donors, accepting bids, delivering information and completing online transactions are the broad sections. To manage this manually, is another David and Goliath story. The charity auction software will do this job for you. This software will connect to the internet and manage it. First you will have to feed the information about the auction to it, which will be posted on the web page. The software will look after all the received bids for everything in the auction. Then it will tell you which bidders to contact for further process.

You can also configure the charity auction software to complete the online transactions. This way, the donor will be charged the amount in the bid, on his/her credit card, and all you have to do is dispatch the auctioned items to them. Thus the benefits of using this software are many. Primarily it will allow you to host the auctions even when you are not a computer genius. All you need is to go through a simple training program on how to use this software. The database managed by the charity auction software will also let you review the interested donors, who did not buy in the auction. You can use those details and request further donations to raise money. This will take the burden of running the organization off you!