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Business software    by Manish Shrivastava

in Computers / Programming    (submitted 2009-04-30)

Any software that helps a business measure and analyze its productivity and thus aid in its growth can be called business software. No matter, how big or small a business is; customized business software can be developed by outsourcing services exclusively for it. One of the biggest advantages of these outsourcing services is the low-cost and professional work, without any investment in technical domain by the business. The term business software covers a wide spectrum of the business environment and can be generally categorized into small, medium and large matrix.

The small business matrix includes the very basic home office suites and office suites like OpenOffice.org and Microsoft Office.

The medium segment has a wider range of software application that consists of accounting, human resources software, shopping cart software, customer relationship management, field service software etc

The large segment mainly consists of enterprise level software applications. The applications in this bracket are of an extensive scope and contain modules to incorporate third-party software too.

Technologies used in business software

There are various technologies that are (or can be used) in the development of business software. The choice of technology is more dependent on the requirements and demands of the business. While Microsoft office and OpenOffice.org may suffice for simple applications like accounting, the software in the medium and large matrix segment need more powerful technologies like JXTA, Kazaa and Napster.

The advent of internet has led to a boom in E-commerce. Asp.net is one of the best suited technologies for internet based business software. There are various outsourcing services that specialize in .net application development. One can even opt for asp.net consulting to assist an in-house technical team in the finer nuances of business software.

The types of business tools

Business intelligence dashboards: This is a software which, displays visual summaries of business conditions through KPI (key performance indicators) and other performance metrics.

Online analytical processing: Also known as OLAP, this software aids in management, decision making and executive information systems.

Business performance management or BPM: A tool that helps in the optimization of business.

Data mining.

Reporting software and so on.