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Best Forex Software To Trade Consistently - Investment - Currency Trading

Best Forex Software To Trade Consistently   by Edward A

in Investment / Currency Trading    (submitted 2010-09-28)

In the last few years, Forex -which is a real discipline and a real way of making money- has been treated like some kind of marketing phenomenon and thus we have seen the internet flooded with over-hyped and mostly useless products that have no actual place in the Forex trading world.

I started trading Forex at a time when hardly anyone talked about this form of trading. Like many, I spent a great deal of money in automated trading software, and although I cannot say I am happy with all those wasted dollars, I do feel certain sense of accomplishment because now I know with certainty what Forex software are worth the price.

There was a time when almost every week you had a launch of the next trading marble that would supposedly solve all your financial problems, and even though by then I had already spent more than a few bucks in several different Forex software, sometimes I just could not resist the temptation of trying some of the new robots coming out.

In the end, I tried and put to the test more than 30 trading robots since the year 2007 until this day, and my conclusion is that in 90% of the cases automated Forex software are useless, really.

These days it is not wise to purchase a Forex robot that has just come out, unless of course you do it with the purpose of putting it to the tests thoroughly before actually using to trade real money. This is a good way of knowing for sure what works and what does not.

However, the best way to know what is the best software for consistent trading is not actually going through a painstaking and sometimes costly process of trial and error, but instead, it is better to simply wait and see what Forex software do perform well over time so you can actually rely on a proven track record rather than sensational claims made by its owner or marketers.

Nowadays, after some good and not so good experiences with automated Forex software I have stuck with only three which I deem to be the best and safer options to trade the Forex market.

These three forex software are, FAP Turbo, IvyBot and Forex Megadroid. Among these three, the top performer and therefore the best forex software keeps on being the first one of them, but as I explain further in my analysis of these trading tools, each one of them has its own set of qualities that may be more suitable for you depending on your trading style.

If you are interested in actually making money by trading Forex I advise you to read the information I have gathered over years of trading so you can make sure you get the best Forex software for consistent trading. Visit forextests.info to learn more.