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6 Ways to Identify a Trustworthy Penny Auction Software Provider

When a profitable business model is released into the market, new companies are formed to try and capitalize on the demand. This article will provide six ways you can identify a trusted provider.

1. Online reputation

When researching penny auction software, visiting industry forums such as Penny Auction Watch will help support the trust of a website. You are likely to find real people expressing their opinions and feedback based on their experience. Remember to use your judgment when viewing who publishes comments. If all reviews are great, then it could be someone from the website itself. If all comments are negative, it could be from the competition.

2. Delivery terms

Buying penny auction software and making sure that the system is reliable can be tricky. Many penny auction software providers offer fixed pricing, with a 100% full payment up front that includes an easy-to-download package or the software is sent in the form of a CD/ DVD. However, penny auction software is complex that works with high server load and should be customized and installed by the provider. Make sure you have a duly made purchase agreement between legally existing parties.

3. Portfolio references

Penny auction software providers often provide portfolio references to entice new clients. These can range from customer testimonials, a portfolio of existing clients or "featured in" logo's. There are several ways to dispel any concerns you may have that include visiting the websites listed as "featured in" (usually TechCrunch, CNN, NBC, etc), visiting the client websites or contacting existing clients to ask if they have been satisfied with the software.

4. Real human contact

Having a human response to your question or feedback adds trust. Before purchasing penny auction software, visit the contact page to see ways how you can contact the company. Make sure you are able to find a real address listed or contact number (that is not toll free) and try to avoid sites that only use a live web chat. If you have any doubts, try calling the company to see if a customer service rep. answers.

5. Social media activity and engagement